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Marketplace for Tuesday June 3, 2014

June 03, 2014

A national poll shows there is broad public support for the EPA clean up of coal-burning generating plants. But the EPA's proposal does not eliminate coal. In fact, coal would still power 30 percent of electricity generation by 2030. What the rules are likely to do is move utilities to do what they're already doing for business reasons- eliminate their most inefficient, therefore most polluting, plants. Then, Conde Nast is getting into the business of teaching. The renowned media company that already teaches a Vogue fashion course in London is working with universities to create accredited certificate programs. We 'll take a look at the range of knowledge they might impart: from Wired to Golf digest to the New Yorker. Moving on to the auto industry- auto sales figures out today show a big jump in sales for major manufacturers, including Chrysler, GM and Nissan. What's behind the sudden rise in sales and why do consumers now feel able to shell out on autos? We investigate.

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