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We've got former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the show to talk about the release of his new book, “Rumsfeld’s Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life," but in other news, the IRS scandal has heated up. How did it get itself into such a mess? Plus, Bitcoin again. The U.S. has made its first move to crackdown, by using anti-money laundering laws to freeze a bank account of the biggest Bitcoin exchange. What impact will that have and what’s yet to come?

Donald Rumsfeld on Iraq

The former U.S. defense secretary shares lessons on politics and business.
Posted In: Donald Rumsfeld

Luring developers to rebuild on polluted land

Sometimes the government has to kick in to convince developers to reclaim "brownfield" sites. The EPA says it's developed a good partnership in Atlanta.
Posted In: Atlanta, development, Housing

The problem of the IRS's dwindling credibility

The IRS was already in trouble even before this current scandal
Posted In: IRS, Daniel Werfel

Bitcoin blow: U.S. government freezes funds to trade the digital currency

The U.S. has made its first move to crackdown on Bitcoin, by using anti-money laundering laws to freeze funds of the biggest Bitcoin trading exchange.
Posted In: bitcoin, dwolla

Will dollars follow the stem cell breakthrough?

Researchers have figured out how to clone human embryonic stems cells, which can be used to develop tissue for many uses. Will investors jump in?
Posted In: stem cell research, research, Science

Orbiting Kepler telescope may be unable to gather more data

Space scientists say Kepler has already found enough potential and confirmed planets to keep them busy for years.
Posted In: Science, space, Kepler, space exploration

Japan's economy grows under Shinzo Abe's leadership

Policies taken by the head of Japan are helping the country finally bounce back after decades of trouble. But is it enough -- and will it continue?
Posted In: Japan, Shinzo Abe

Have we entered cupcake deflation?

Cupcake prices have dropped eight-tenths of a percent over the past year.
Posted In: cupcakes

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