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Marketplace for Monday, February 27, 2012

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We launch our new Wealth and Poverty Desk with the voices of two people struggling to make ends meet; tomorrow: people talk about life in the economic middle. Home improvement sales were better than expected this quarter — could that mean good news on the horizon for home sales? Gas prices inevitably turn into campaign fodder during an election year, and over the weekend Newt Gingrich stumped in front of signs that promised $2.50 a gallon. Plus, Warren Buffett said his successor has been picked, but he didn’t identify the future CEO.

Segments From this episode

Could gas really drop to $2.50 a gallon?

by Eve Troeh Feb 27, 2012
Over the weekend Newt Gingrich stumped in front of signs that promised gas at $2 .50 a gallon. Is such a world even possible today?

Housing market gets good news

by Jeff Tyler Feb 27, 2012
Home sales jumped 8% last month. Those numbers and better than expected quarterly sales in home improvement supplies could mean some long-awaited relief for the housing market.

Voices of Wealth and Poverty: Barely Getting By

by Marketplace Staff Feb 27, 2012
Daryl Snell and Angel Rogers live just above the poverty line. In their own words, the choices they make and the challenges they face.
Final Note

Some legislators in Wyoming taking no chances

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 27, 2012
Some legislators in Wyoming are taking no chances should the American economy get worse. Much worse, one assumes.

Buffett’s shareholder letter dangles clues

by Heidi Moore Feb 27, 2012
Warren Buffett says in his annual letter that Berkshire Hathaway has chosen his successor. Many investors care more about his stock advice.
Food for 9 Billion

The future of food in a warming world

by Jon Miller Feb 27, 2012
Bangladesh, once a poster child for the food crisis, has made dramatic progress. But will our changing climate sweep away the gains?

Why are we outraged over high gas prices?

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 27, 2012
Behavioral economist Sendhil Mullainathan puts into perspective why we shouldn't be too angry over rising gas prices.

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