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Marketplace for Monday August 25, 2014

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Burger King is looking to merge with Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons. It’s the latest chapter in Burger King’s patterned history. It’s gone in and out of private hands over the last few years and has a famously young leadership team. We look at what Burger King stands to gain from Tim Hortons’ heft in the breakfast market. Plus, the American Academy of Pediatrics has become the latest group to declare that most middle and high school classes start too early for teenagers. The AAP says classes should begin no earlier than 8:30 am because adolescents are naturally wired to fall asleep after 11 pm and wake up later than most school start times allow for. But few school districts are likely to follow through, because everything from their bus schedules to extracurricular activities is dependent on the current schedule. Also, Miley Cyrus pointed to a longstanding problem when she had a young homeless person go on stage in her place at the VMAs. Lots of young people come to Los Angeles hoping to make it in the entertainment business and then get shipwrecked. She’s chosen My Friend’s Place, which works with young homeless people, as her beneficiary. 

Segments From this episode

Want to learn cybersecurity? Head to Def Con.

by Queena Kim Aug 25, 2014
You won't learn how to break into systems at most universities - the skills many companies want.
Learning Curve

The story of John Sperling, University of Phoenix founder

by David Gura Aug 25, 2014
Sperling was an intellectual, a socialist, and eventually a billionaire.

What it's like to Doodle for Google

by David Gura Aug 25, 2014
Google Doodles have been around since 1998, and the operation has grown.
Learning Curve

High school will keep starting too early. Here's why.

by Dan Weissmann Aug 25, 2014
Too little sleep is a health hazard, but school boards aren't changing.

What happens when Miley Cyrus blesses your cause

by Sally Herships Aug 25, 2014
My Friend's Place raised a lot of money in one day, but experts say "don't get used to it."

Forget the Whopper. How about doughnuts and coffee?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Aug 25, 2014
What Burger King stands to gain from Tim Hortons.

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Son Of Neckbone Beastie Boys
Vase Miike Snow
Modern Day American Girl Patty Medina

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