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The economics of disability

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[Image description: A rower from Seize the Oar is setting up to practice on Lake Washington in Renton, Washington. She is wearing black tights and a lime green top. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses, and her hair is in a ponytail, tucked inside of the green and black baseball cap. She has multiple tattoos across both of her arms and has small gauges in her ears. She is slightly smiling as she puts on the boat’s safety straps.] Courtesy of Teal Sherer/Seize the Oar

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Economics of Disability

Mind the gap: Navigating the transition from pediatric to adult health care

by Eliza Mills and Paulina Velasco Jun 22, 2018
Getting the right health care once you outgrow your pediatrician can be tricky if you have a disability.
Economics of Disability

Special education costs add up for parents, schools as federal law remains underfunded

by Peter Balonon-Rosen Jun 22, 2018
For the first time, schools are legally required to make special education meaningful. But they've been given no additional money to make it happen.
Economics of Disability

Understanding the language of disabilities

by Marketplace Weekend Staff Jun 22, 2018
Here's a guide to help you navigate the acronyms and legalese.
Economics of Disability

5 things you need to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act

by Eliza Mills Jun 22, 2018
It's the most important civil rights law protecting people with disabilities.
Economics of Disability

Navigating the job market as an American with a disability

by Eliza Mills Jun 22, 2018
One look at the challenges people with disabilities face.
Economics of Disability

Got questions about disability in America? Here's your resource guide

by Katie Savin Jun 22, 2018
A reading list from the informational to the literary.
Economics of Disability

When suing your school kicks off a life of advocacy

by Lizzie O'Leary and Maria Town Jun 22, 2018
Suing your own school comes with a financial toll of its own.
Economics of Disability

What it's like to have an invisible disability at work

by Paulina Velasco Jun 22, 2018
Three people open up about asking — or not — for accommodations on the job.
Economics of Disability

Inside the world of adaptive rowing

by Eliza Mills Jun 22, 2018
Seattle rowing team Seize the Oar creates community for athletes with disabilities.
Economics of Disability

Finding community at a rehabilitation hospital

by Eliza Mills Jun 22, 2018
Inside a stroke support group at Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center in Downey, California.

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