Global AI concerns, slumping EV sales and Netflix’s ad gamble
Nov 3, 2023

Global AI concerns, slumping EV sales and Netflix’s ad gamble

Joanna Stern, senior personal tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal, joins Lily Jamali for Bytes: Week in Review to discuss the U.K.’s AI Safety Summit, the dip in EV sales and whether Netflix's ad-tier subscription model will pay off.

This week, electric vehicle sales are in a slump. Last year, the competition among EV buyers was fierce, with consumers paying premium prices to drive one off the lot. But despite federal tax credits aimed at making them more affordable, the red-hot EV market isn’t so hot anymore.

Plus, a year into ads on Netflix, the company is reporting that 15 million monthly active users are watching, and rewards for binging your favorite shows are in the works. But first, we’ll dive into the U.K.’s AI Safety Summit at historic Bletchley Park this week.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali is joined by Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal, for her take on those stories.

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