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The Equifax data breach was announced a year ago. Is your data safer today?

Saxby Chambliss, a former Republican senator from Georgia, advises former Equifax CEO Richard Smith before he testifies to the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection Subcommittee on Capitol Hill on Oct. 3, 2017. Smith stepped down as CEO of Equifax after it was reported that hackers broke into the credit reporting agency and made off with the personal information of more than 147 million Americans. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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It’s been one year since Equifax announced a giant hack four months after criminals stole the sensitive, personal information of more than 147 million people. And in that year, not a whole lot has changed. No federal data breach notification laws, no big changes to how credit agencies collect information or tell you what they’re collecting. Equifax’s stock is almost back up to where it started. One thing that has happened — Equifax has spent $200 million beefing up its security. That was part of a deal with eight states that let it avoid fines in exchange for protecting our data better. We dig into this in Quality Assurance, the Friday segment where we take a deeper look at a big tech story. Molly talks with Lily Hay Newman, a security reporter for Wired. (09/07/18)

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Is your data safer today than when the Equifax data breach was announced a year ago?

by Molly Wood Sep 7, 2018
The breach affected 147 million people. Here's what's happened since.

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