Bytes: Week in Review — Apple’s AI flex, Uber’s legal loss and X’s hidden “likes”
Jun 14, 2024

Bytes: Week in Review — Apple’s AI flex, Uber’s legal loss and X’s hidden “likes”

Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal, joins Marketplace's Lily Jamali for this week's Tech Bytes: Week in Review

Ride-hailing company Uber has lost its challenge to the California law that requires gig companies to provide employment rights to workers. We’ll have more about the legal and political saga on this week’s Marketplace Tech Bytes: Week in Review.

Also, X — formerly Twitter — has made user “likes” private, marking another change to the platform’s identity and functionality since Elon Musk took over the social media company.

But first, they’re calling it Apple Intelligence. That phrase was used about 60 times Monday during Apple’s annual developers confab.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke with Joanna Stern, senior personal tech columnist at The Wall Street Journal. She attended the Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California, this week as Apple execs talked through the company’s entry into the AI race.

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