A boost for data privacy policy, Nvidia’s chip shortage  eases and Apple steers away from electric cars
Mar 1, 2024

A boost for data privacy policy, Nvidia’s chip shortage eases and Apple steers away from electric cars

Natasha Mascarenhas, reporter for The Information, joins us to discuss major tech headlines on "Bytes: Week in Review."

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to dig into some of this week’s tech headlines in “Marketplace Tech Bytes: Week in Review.”

Good news for Nvidia, the top chipmaker for artificial intelligence applications. There are signs that the company’s product shortage is finally easing up, as more customers nab chips to power their AI ambitions. Plus, Apple reportedly hits the brakes on plans to create its own electric vehicle.

But first, there was significant movement on data privacy policy. This week, the Joe Biden administration issued an executive order restricting the sale of Americans’ data to “countries of concern,” according to the White House.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke with Natasha Mascarenhas, reporter at The Information, for her take on these stories.

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