A $7 trillion chips moonshot, AI-fueled cyberattacks, and Disney’s bet on gaming
Feb 16, 2024

A $7 trillion chips moonshot, AI-fueled cyberattacks, and Disney’s bet on gaming

Paresh Dave, senior writer at Wired, joins Marketplace’s Lily Jamali to discuss this week’s biggest tech stories.

On the show today, Microsoft says groups affiliated with the governments of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are using AI tools to improve their cyberattacks. Also, Disney is investing $1.5 billion in Epic Games. Can we expect a “Frozen” / Fortnite crossover? We’re not sure yet, but what we can expect is regulatory scrutiny.

But first, in Silicon Valley, where software normally gets all the glory, OpenAI’s Sam Altman is reportedly planning a big move into hardware by raising up to $7 trillion for a new AI chips project. Marketplace’s Lily Jamali is joined by Paresh Dave, senior writer at Wired, for his take on this week’s tech news.

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