Why Gen-Z is bringing back their parents’ digital cameras
Jan 31, 2023

Why Gen-Z is bringing back their parents’ digital cameras

Young people have done it again — "it" being reviving an old piece of technology from the dead. This time, it's old digital cameras that their parents likely used. We talked to David Little, head of the International Center of Photography, about the latest trend. Johnson & Johnson is seemingly deeper in legal trouble after a court rejected its bankruptcy filing amid lawsuits over its baby powder. And, on the third anniversary of Brexit, the BBC reports on the increasing pressure over the UK's land border with Ireland, an EU member.

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Old school cameras are making a comeback

Why Gen Z has set its sights on point-and-shoot cameras, once considered outmoded.
Point-and-shoot cameras, both digital and film, are attracting Gen Z's attention. David Little of the International Center of Photography in New York says this might point to boredom with perfection and an interest in the image-making process.
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