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Um … what’s a DVD again?
Apr 19, 2023

Um … what’s a DVD again?

Do you still own a DVD player? If so, and you're relying on Netflix to watch those DVDs, it might be time to think of a new plan. Netflix is finally shutting down that part of its business. But why now? Plus, the European Union's answers to the United States' CHIPS Act. And, Indiana is one of 10 states that specifically prohibits undocumented college students from paying in-state tuition. That means an undocumented student in that state could pay nearly $17,000 more per year in tuition than their peers.

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The world is officially in a semiconductor subsidy race

The U.S. passed a $200 billion CHIPS Act, with about $78 billion going toward semiconductor production. China already subsidized its chips producers and is now working on a $145 billion support package for them, according to Reuters. And today, Europe entered the ring.

In some states, undocumented students miss out on in-state tuition

Apr 19, 2023
In Indiana, an undocumented student might pay almost $17,000 more per year.
Ivy Tech Community College student Renee Contreras sits inside the school’s Center for Intercultural Excellence in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Monday, March 20, 2023.
Elizabeth Gabriel

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