The Fed has a will-they-won’t-they dilemma with next rate decision
Mar 20, 2023

The Fed has a will-they-won’t-they dilemma with next rate decision

The Federal Reserve's top committee that sets interest rate targets is due to meet in the middle of this week, where it suddenly has a lot more to consider amid global unease about the banking system. Economist Julia Coronado explains what Jerome Powell and co. may be thinking. Meanwhile over the weekend, the Fed announced it's coordinating with other world central banks to make sure there are enough dollars in the financial system. In Europe, stock markets took a hammering after the acquisition of Credit Suisse. And, a look at how holders of federal housing vouchers in Texas are facing difficulties finding a place to live. 

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Banking crisis adds fresh uncertainty into the Fed's rate calculus

Julia Coronado, founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives, explains why the next rate decision is a particularly difficult one.

In Dallas, housing voucher holders face limited options when looking for a home

Mar 20, 2023
More than 90% of landlords in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area won’t rent to people who rely on housing vouchers to pay the rent.
Texas is one of a number of states that does not prohibit discrimination against recipients of federal housing vouchers.
Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

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