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Romance scammers are loading up their Cupid’s arrows
Feb 14, 2023

Romance scammers are loading up their Cupid’s arrows

This Valentine's Day, lots of people are going to be out in search of love — in the case of online romance scammers, they'll be looking for a big payday. We talked with Dina Temple-Raston, host of the cyber-focused podcast "Click Here" about the proliferation of online romance scams and what her conversation with a former scammer revealed. Ford announced it will be cutting its workforce in Europe by more than a tenth, which the company said will allow it to invest more into electric vehicle manufacturing in the U.S. And, online scammers are exploiting the earthquake in Turkey and Syria by creating fake donations accounts. 

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Financial losses from romance scams add up

Reported romance scam losses in 2022 were $1.3 billion, but that's likely an undercount.
Many online scammers are running multiple cons at once, including romance scams.
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