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Meta throws its hat into the generative AI ring
Apr 6, 2023

Meta throws its hat into the generative AI ring

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is looking to follow tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet into the world of computational artificial intelligence — albeit a bit belatedly. We look into what the company is dubbing "SAM", which is in development to complement AI systems like ChatGPT. And, amid news of charges against a startup CEO who allegedly defrauded JPMorgan of $175 million, we talk with DePaul accounting professor Kelly Richmond Pope about her new book on the complexity of modern financial fraud. 

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Meta steps into the growing AI market

Marketplace’s Nova Safo breaks down the company’s announcement, as well as what hurdles “SAM” may face breaking into the nascent AI space.

What makes a financial fraudster? It's more complex than you might think.

Apr 6, 2023
“Fool Me Once" by Kelly Richmond Pope looks at the world of financial fraud — and how seemingly regular people can become perpetrators.
Kelly Richmond Pope, an accounting professor, author and filmmaker, wrote about how fraudsters, victims and whistleblowers come in many forms.
Courtesy Richmond Pope

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