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Messi, Apple, and the future of sports media
Jun 26, 2023

Messi, Apple, and the future of sports media

Lionel Messi is set to sign with MLS club Inter Miami any day now, in a deal that reportedly includes money from Apple. Why is the tech giant investing in the legendary soccer star joining a U.S.-based team, and does it have anything to do with Apple TV's Ted Lasso? Plus, how turmoil in Russia is affecting the markets, and why cultivated meat will be available in high-end restaurants before you'll see it in grocery stores.

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Cultivated meat seeks discerning diners

Jun 26, 2023
The USDA has given approval to the sale of meat grown in laboratories but will consumers take to it?
Cell-cultivated meat will soon be available at a few high-end restaurants in the U.S.
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What Messi's Miami move means for Apple TV+ and the future of streaming

Tech giant Apple will reportedly give Lionel Messi a cut of streaming revenue as part of the Argentine soccer star's MLS contract.
What's Apple doing reportedly paying for part of Lionel Messi's deal to come play in the U.S.? Well, let's start with the fact that Apple TV+ streams MLS soccer games and follow the money from there.
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