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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday July 8, 2014

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Washington State starts retail marijuana sales this week. We look at how it’s different from Colorado, and what it learned from Colorado going first. Plus, Mexico is set to overtake Brazil as Latin America’s top automaker. Mexican factories surged ahead this year thanks to increasing demand from the US market and a slump in domestic sales in Brazil. It’s the first time in more than a decade that Mexican carmakers have taken the lead and it signals a rebound in the country’s lagging economy. Also, it’s summer and that means it’s time for summer camp! But a whole lot of kids are forgoing the great outdoors… For extra time in front of the computer. We investigate. And after, there was a time in China when men and women settled down – at the very latest – by their early twenties. But the country’s rapid economic expansion and urbanisation has changed all that. Many young, urban, middle class Chinese are still unmarried at 30. They’re busy working hard, enjoying the money they earn, and so haven’t got time for marriage. Many high-flying women seem to want a man who’s richer and more successful than they are – and many are struggling to find him, which has led to an explosion in online and face to face dating.

Segments From this episode

High times in Washington and Colorado

by David Weinberg Jul 8, 2014
As of today, both states offer retail marijuana sales. But how do they differ?

Mexico makes more cars than Brazil. Yes, it's a race.

by Shannon Mullen Jul 8, 2014
Mexico is set to overtake Brazil as Latin America’s biggest auto producer.
Learning Curve

Is summer camp for coding or canoeing?

by Adriene Hill Jul 8, 2014
It is summer-camp season, and a lot of kids are trading campfires for computers.

Truckers strike at key port for trade with Asia

by Mark Garrison Jul 8, 2014
Escalation of the strike at this major port could have a nationwide impact.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Summer camp for techies

by David Brancaccio Jul 8, 2014
Walmart versus the small business, cord-cutting slows down, and coding summer camps

Why a guy with 15 mobile phones still has a landline

by Mark Garrison Jul 8, 2014
41% of homes in the US are mobile phone only, but cord-cutting may have plateaued.

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