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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday August 11, 2014

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Turkey’s prime minister was elected president of the country last night.The presidency will tack another five years onto Erdogan’s 12 years in power, as Prime Minister. Erdogan has been a politically controversial figure in Turkey, sometimes compared to Vladimir Putin for some of his authoritarian political stances. A closer look at this victory and what it means for Turkey’s economy. Plus, with tech companies hoping “wearables” will become a part of consumers’ everyday lives, they first have to convince people to buy smart watches, fitness trackers and, yes, Google Glass. That’s got Apple, Intel and others looking for new partners in the fashion industry. And with problems with drought growing around the country — parts of Texas and California have had record-breaking shortages the last few years — Dayton, Ohio is trying to use water to lure businesses.



Segments From this episode

Why US tech lobbyists have descended on Brussels

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Aug 11, 2014
The EU parliament is considering strict new online privacy legislation.

Water could be "blue gold" for Dayton, OH

by Lewis Wallace Aug 11, 2014
As states face major water shortages, some cities sense a business opportunity

A fashion makeover for wearable technology

by Tracey Samuelson Aug 11, 2014
Tech companies hope fashion and wearables make a good team.

Six things you might not know about meteorites

by Sabri Ben-Achour Aug 11, 2014
The Perseid meteorite showers return, and they can be worth more than a view.

Amazon takes on Captain America

by Dan Weissmann Aug 11, 2014
Meanwhile, its war with book publisher Hachette intensifies.
Mid-day Update

PODCAST: Money in the meteorites

by Stacey Vanek Smith Aug 11, 2014
Amazon vs. Disney, tech lobbyists in Brussels, and meteorite money.

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