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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, April 8, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, April 8, 2011

Segments From this episode

Rupert Murdoch pushes his way into British satellite TV

by Christopher Werth Apr 8, 2011
News Corp's takeover of a U.K. satellite network could spell trouble for newspaper rivals once Murdoch starts bundling TV and print content online.

County registers contend mortgage industry skipped out on fees

by Greg Collard Apr 8, 2011
If you have a mortgage, there's a good chance it's connected to something called MERS, an electronic database that's linked to more than half of all U.S. home mortgages. And some critics say it's a scheme to hide from paying millions of dollars of fees.

Government gets tougher on insider trading

by Stacey Vanek Smith Apr 8, 2011
The government has stepped up its game against insider trading, using techniques that had been reserved for organized crime.

Toyota resumes operations at half capacity

by Gregory Warner Apr 8, 2011
The earthquake and tsunami in Japan put the breaks on car production because of a parts shortage. Now, Toyota and Nissan have announced they will resume production in the coming weeks.

Europeans hash out bailout deal for Portugal

by Stephen Beard Apr 8, 2011
As European officials gather to discuss the details of the Portuguese bailout, many economists are focusing on how an interest rate hike by the European Central Bank will affect ailing countries like Portugal.
BBC World Service

Stalled car production expected to pick up

by Rachel Harvey Apr 8, 2011
The BBC's Rachel Harvey reports from Tokyo on a return to production for Toyota and Nissan, following factory shutdowns after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Global leaders gather in Bretton Woods, NH

by David Brancaccio Apr 8, 2011
After World War II, Bretton Woods, NH hosted that era's top economists, who hoped to rebuild a world financial system in tatters. Now, Bretton Woods is hosting the top economists of today to examine current global financial policy.

SEC considers new private trading rules

by Marketplace Staff Apr 8, 2011
The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking to relax rules on how shares for private companies are traded. This could have big implications for big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Rise in interest rates may mean end of 'cheap money'

by Marketplace Staff Apr 8, 2011
Many economists believe that the European Central Bank's decision to increase interest rates could signal a change in lending mentalities.
Gov't shutdown

Will the potential 2011 shutdown resemble the one in 1995?

by Marketplace Staff Apr 8, 2011
Jill Schlesinger of CBS/Moneywatch examines the possible government shutdown and compares it to the shutdown the government saw in 1995 and 1996.

UPDATE: Google, ITA deal approved

by Marketplace Staff Apr 8, 2011
The Justice Department has approved Google's purchase of airline reservation company ITA. NOTE: This interview was recorded before the DOJ's approval.

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