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Segments From this episode

More Americans going solo

May 25, 2006
A census report out today shows more than a quarter of the nation lives alone. Jane Lindholm looks at the economic implications.

Drowning in debt

May 25, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow discuss a new report suggesting debt is a growing problem for the middle class. The Center for American Progress says debt now makes up 108% of incomes.

Beyond forecasting

May 25, 2006
We always hear about analyst predictions before the release of economic data. But who are these analysts and why do their predictions matter? Amy Scott reports.

Immigration showdown

May 25, 2006
The Senate will likely pass its version of the immigration bill today.And that sets up a battle with the House. The two versions are so different, this could be a long, ugly fight. Hillary Wicai has a preview.

Delphi drama

May 25, 2006
Delphi wants a bankruptcy judge to void its contracts with the United Auto Workers. The UAW is threatening to strike if that happens and GM wants more time to get this resolved before the dominoes would start falling. Alisa Roth reports.