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<i>Chomp, chomp, snap</i> . . . Is gum good for health?

Mar 29, 2006
Have you ever been around someone who chews gum constantly? Do they seem happier? Healthier? Wrigley is betting millions of dollars on it. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains.

Abramoff to learn his fate

Mar 29, 2006
Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff will learn his fate in the first of two criminal cases against him in Miami today. He could get up to seven years in prison for charges related to the purchase of a casino cruise line. Amy Scott reports.

Helping the folks back home

Mar 29, 2006
Reporter Dan Grech tells the story of one immigrant family that has turned the practice of sending money back home into a half-million-dollar venture.

TiVo takes Echostar to court

Mar 29, 2006
TiVo, the digital video recording company, goes to court in Texas today to take on satellite company Echostar.TiVo claims Echostar stole its technology. Alex Cohen has more.