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Inside the anti-labor history of austerity
Feb 8, 2023

Inside the anti-labor history of austerity

Austerity, or government measures to cut spending in times of economic crisis, has a long history of being used to suppress the labor force, argues a new book called "The Capital Order." We speak to the author, Clara Mattei, an economics professor at the New School for Social Research. And, President Biden's State of the Union speech last night featured a heavy dose of economic policy, including a proposed billionaire tax. 

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Does austerity have a hidden agenda?

Feb 8, 2023
A new book explores the historical relationship between austerity, the labor force, and fascism.
Pensioners march in Athens in 2018 during a demonstration to demand the return of pension funds lost as part of austerity measures. Clara Mattei, author of "The Capital Order," argues  that austerity reflects a deeper history of labor force suppression.
Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP via Getty Images

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