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Hollywood could be headed for a strike
Apr 18, 2023

Hollywood could be headed for a strike

Hollywood film and TV writers have voted almost unanimously to give their union the authority to call a strike. This would happen if negotiators fail to reach a new contract by May 1. We take a look at the sticking points. Plus, it's worth taking stock on how far we've come in the fight against inflation. Believe it or not things are looking up. But wages still lag behind and it's going to take some time before price rises slow to a more "normal" rate. And, many so-called affordable cities are not so affordable anymore. Take Houston, for example. It's getting harder and harder for residents there to make ends meet.

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Believe it or not, inflation is getting better

But how much longer do we have to go until it’s back to a more “normal” level? David Kelly, chief global strategist at JP Morgan Funds, has more.

Climbing housing costs rob Houston of reputation for affordability

Apr 18, 2023
Many Houston residents spend well over 30% of their income on shelter. On top of that, transportation costs are a growing burden on commuters.
Some Houston residents find themselves even more cost burdened than their counterparts in Los Angeles County. Transportation costs are part of the problem.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

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