Google sends mixed signals amid ad revenue slump
Apr 26, 2023

Google sends mixed signals amid ad revenue slump

Google's parent company, Alphabet, reported higher-than-expected profits yesterday, leading to a big stock buyback being authorized by CEO Sundar Pichai. However, that's a seemingly contradictory move to the extreme cost-cutting measures the company announced this year in response to a slowdown in ad revenue, including layoffs of over 12,000 employees. Plus, a look at how the airline industry is doing amid widespread delays and flight cancellations. And, why fire insurance is increasingly hard to come by for companies that conduct controlled burns to prevent wildfires. 

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Google is buying back stock...but also laying off thousands of workers?

Marketplace’s Kristin Schwab reports on how the tech giant is processing positive earnings news amid an ad revenue slowdown.

Prescribed burns need insurance. It's increasingly hard to get

Apr 26, 2023
Why companies that conduct controlled burns are having a harder time finding insurance policies willing to cover them.
Firefighters light a controlled burn during the Mosquito Fire in Foresthill, California.
Eric Thayer/Getty Images

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