FDIC hints at who will end up paying for recent bank rescues
Mar 30, 2023

FDIC hints at who will end up paying for recent bank rescues

The chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said yesterday in remarks to the House Financial Services Committee that the agency's board would vote in June on a new bank assessment fee to make up for the money spent in the rescues of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. We look at the details. Plus, China has issued warnings to the U.S. over its brief hosting of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. And, we talk to Sophie Pedder, The Economist's Paris bureau chief, about what's been going on in France amid unrest over the government's pension reforms. 

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FDIC chair says the agency will draw up a new bank fee to pay for it

Marketplace’s Nova Safo reports on what he said at yesterday’s House Financial Services Committee testimony.

The economic — and political — consequences of reforming France's pensions

Mar 30, 2023
More than a million people have taken to the streets across France since President Emmanuel Macron forced through legislation raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.
Protesters take part in a students' demonstration against the French government's pension reforms.
Thomas Samson/AFP via Getty Images

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