Employee or independent contractor?
Jun 15, 2023

Employee or independent contractor?

The standards for determining this have changed yet again. And the latest ruling by the National Labor Relations Board brings back a method that could classify more people as employees. That’s making companies like Uber and Lyft pay close attention. Also, after the Federal Reserve skipped an interest rate hike yesterday, we're already anticipating that they'll increase rates at the next policy meeting. It's part of the tightrope the Fed is trying to walk on inflation. And, what we pay for coffee beans reflects supply and demand on commodities markets ... but not much else. Some in the coffee supply chain think the market needs restructuring to better reflect everything that goes into coffee, from labor to land to changing climate.

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Latest labor board ruling broadens who's considered an employee — for now

Jun 15, 2023
The standard for defining who's an employee and who's an independent contractor has gone back and forth in the courts for years.
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For 50 years, the price of coffee has barely budged. Some farmers have had enough.

Jun 15, 2023
Farmers, roasters and economists say the price needs to reflect the labor that goes into the crop to ensure the long-term sustainability of the market.
Raw, green coffee beans ready to be roasted at Proud Mary Coffee's roastery in Oregon. Many growers are having a tough time with the economics of the global market.
Crystal Ligori

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