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Caught between a job and homelessness
Jun 1, 2023

Caught between a job and homelessness

Part of the advice prescribed as a "cure" to homelessness is getting a job. But what happens when the work people do still isn't enough to afford a place to live? A new study from the Economic Roundtable nonprofit delves into the surprisingly-high rate of homelessness amongst California fast food workers. Plus, businesses in some resort towns are offering subsidies for landlords to rent to local workers. 

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Yes, you can be employed and homeless

Jun 1, 2023
Fast-food workers, who are often paid low wages and work limited hours, make up 11% of homeless workers in California, a study finds.
An Economic Roundtable study looks at the fast-food industry in California, which has the "highest rate of poverty employment" in the state, according to author Daniel Flaming.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With housing in short supply, some resort towns pay landlords to rent to locals

Jun 1, 2023
Resort communities that saw growth during the pandemic are trying to stop the bleed of local workers being priced out.
Amber Kennedy’s roommate in the house they rent through Lease to Locals, a program that encourages property owners to rent to local workers.
Rachel Cohen

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