Barriers to entry: The cost of crossing the southern border
Aug 4, 2023

Barriers to entry: The cost of crossing the southern border

A "Marketplace Morning Report" special on how economic forces are shaping immigration.

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WhatsApp has streamlined business communication for human smuggling

Aug 1, 2023
Social media has transformed global communication, benefiting those who are in the business of guiding and transporting migrants seeking better lives.
Social media and direct messaging apps, like WhatsApp, have become a major asset in the lucrative business of human smuggling.
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Why is Latin America's economy lagging in its pandemic recovery?

Aug 1, 2023
William Maloney, chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank, says inflation is only part of the puzzle.
The World Bank's main purpose is to provide assistance to countries with high poverty rates and improve economic growth worldwide.
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How young people are being recruited on social media to drive migrants beyond the border

Aug 2, 2023
Historically, recruitment has been local. Now, social media expands that ability to recruit, said Homeland Security agent Craig Larrabee.
A Border Patrol agent walks along the border wall in Yuma, Arizona.
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The growing business of immigrant surveillance

Aug 2, 2023
Under the Biden administration, there’s been a rapid expansion of the electronic monitoring of immigrant families and individuals waiting for their immigration cases to move through the courts over several years. This investment in surveillance and case management tech is throwing private prison companies a lifeline.
A migrant charges his ankle monitor battery at an immigration facility in Texas. The use of ankle bracelets and GPS monitoring for recent border crossers with pending cases has ballooned under the Biden administration.
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New online platform helps immigrant workers recover stolen wages

Aug 3, 2023
The process of getting back stolen wages is complicated, time-intensive and often unsuccessful. Now, a new online platform is empowering immigrant advocates by making it easier to file wage theft claims.
The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division found that workers were owed $213 million in back wages in 2022, though that amount could be higher due to underreporting.
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The economic cost of waiting at the border in limbo

Aug 3, 2023
Those waiting on an asylum request often can't move forward with a job, housing or education.
Asylum seekers wait at the pedestrian crossing at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana. Some spend weeks, months or longer at or near the border, hoping to be granted asylum.
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