An oil giant predicted climate change … then downplayed it
Jan 13, 2023

An oil giant predicted climate change … then downplayed it

A new study finds that Exxon, the multinational oil giant, conducted in-house research as early as the 1970s that accurately predicted climate change, only to publicly downplay the issue. This, as some states sue the company and other fossil fuel producers over allegedly misleading the public for decades. China's government is looking to regulate some of its most successful tech firms by buying so-called "golden shares," which allow shareholders more control over company decisions. And, states and communities are scrambling to meet the federal government's deadline on new broadband internet funding. 

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States, communities struggle to meet deadline in broadband funding process

Jan 13, 2023
The deadline is this week to file challenges to FCC maps that will be used to dole out $42.5 billion in funding.
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act provides about $42.5 billion in funding to expand broadband access, but the application deadline is fast approaching and some states are looking for more time.
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