A look inside the Fed’s crystal ball
Jun 15, 2023

A look inside the Fed’s crystal ball

Along with a decision to hold interest rates steady, we got information about jobs, economic growth, inflation and, of course, the cost of borrowing from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell yesterday. Some of the takeaways: As of now it's likely we get two more interest rate hikes this year to try to keep inflation down, and there's very little chance interest rates are going to get cut at all in 2023. Marketplace Washington correspondent Nancy Marshall-Genzer was at the Fed press conference yesterday and has more. Plus, the world’s first comprehensive regulations governing artificial intelligence are taking shape across the Atlantic. European Union lawmakers have voted on new limits and safeguards for AI. And, the struggle to get community college credits to count toward bachelor's degrees.

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The hidden costs of transferring to a 4-year college

Jun 15, 2023
Those hard-earned community college credits don't always count toward a four-year degree.
According to the Government Accountability Office, students trying to transfer from a two- to a four-year college lost an average of 30% of their credits.
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