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How our power grid stacks up 15 years after one of history’s biggest blackouts

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(U.S. Edition) Turkey’s economic crisis is even worse, with the lira having lost 39 percent of its value since the start of the month. An economics correspondent from the BBC  lets us know about other solutions that are being explored. Also, with heat waves putting pressure on power grids, we remember one of history’s biggest blackouts: In 2003,  a tussle between a power line and tree in Ohio eventually left about 50 million people in the Northeast powerless. Marketplace’s Jed Kim takes a look at the reliability of the grid today. And a new analysis from the Associated Press finds that more jobs created this year were in counties that actually voted for Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, in 2016. Today’s show is sponsored by Avast (, Indeed ( and Michigan Economic Development Corporation ( (08/13/2018)

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Our power grid, then and now

by Jed Kim Aug 13, 2018
A lot has changed since the Northeast blackout of 2003.

In the red vs. blue political struggle, which areas are seeing more job growth?

by David Brancaccio , Daniel Shin and Redmond Carolipio Aug 13, 2018
Many voters backed President Donald Trump on the promise of new job growth in their respective parts of the country. But a report from the Associated Press shows that hasn't been the case – instead, it's the places who backed Clinton in 2016 that are reaping the benefits of rising employment.

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