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Marketplace Money for Weekend of January 17-18, 2009
Jan 16, 2009

Marketplace Money for Weekend of January 17-18, 2009

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Segments From this episode

What to consider in brokerage merger

Jan 16, 2009
Troubled financial giant Citigroup is merging its Smith Barney brokerage arm with rival Morgan Stanley. It'll be the largest brokerage firm in the world. What should you do if one of those firms manages your funds? Dan Grech reports.

Rethinking what 'long term' means

Jan 16, 2009
If your investment portfolio took a big hit in 2008, you'd be forgiven for wondering if the markets aren't just a big Ponzi scheme. Roger Lowenstein explored that sentiment recently in The New York Times. He talks with Tess Vigeland.
A worried investor.

Straight Story: Frugal or cheap?

Jan 16, 2009
During these tough economic times, Economics Editor Chris Farrell is looking for ways to stretch a dollar just like the rest of us. Tess Vigeland wants to know where he draws the line between being cheap and being frugal.
Economics editor Chris Farrell
American Public Media

Falling into triple mortgage trouble

Jan 16, 2009
Nearly 10 million U.S. homeowners are having trouble making their mortgage payments. Tanya Ott profiles one Birmingham, Ala., family that has that problem, times three.

How to seek a loan modification

Jan 16, 2009
If you're having trouble repaying a loan and are looking to modify the terms, what should you do? Mary Ellen Nicol, a certified housing counselor in Atlanta, has some tips on dealing with your lender.

Getting Personal

Jan 16, 2009
Economics Editor Chris Farrell answers listener questions about where to put emergency savings, how a person could best stimulate the economy, what that Turbo Tax term means, and more.

Day in the Work Life: Music therapist

Jan 16, 2009
Therapist Holly Miller explains how she uses music to help children and adults deal with psychological and developmental problems.

Tax advocate: Simpler is better

Jan 16, 2009
National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson, who recently issued her annual report on the tax system, talks with Tess Vigeland about changes she'd like to see in the Internal Revenue Code.
Tax form with pencil pointing to "Amount you owe"

Letters: Your opinions of the show

Jan 16, 2009
Listeners tell us what they think about our comments regarding Illinois Gov. Blagojevich, student loans, personal finance resolutions, and the sorry state of Chris Farrell's office.

Families pay for answers in autopsies

Jan 16, 2009
Hospital cutbacks and slimmed-down insurance coverage have reduced the number of autopsies. For many families, finding out why a loved one died now comes at a price. Caitlan Carroll reports.