Feb 1, 2013

Marketplace Money for Friday, February 1, 2013


We have a hunch how you're spending this Super Bowl Sunday -- and how you're spending your dough. And just when you thought there were no more possible credit card fees, a new one is in our midst. Plus, can…

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Letters: Do retirement calculators work?

Feb 1, 2013
How do you know when it's time to retire? How much do you need to retire? These are some of the questions you asked... we've got answers in our weekly letters segment.

It's lunch time... let's DANCE!

Feb 1, 2013
Lunch is a necessary part of any workday. But often people return to work feeling sleepier than when they left. Well, there's a new way to beat that post-lunch laziness in Berlin -- hit the dance floor!

Home prices start to climb again

Feb 1, 2013
Home prices are starting to climb again, particularly in certain cities -- such as Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami. The news may be good for the housing industry, but some aspiring homeowners find themselves priced out.

Drug use and debt: A credit card for recovering addicts

Feb 1, 2013
A new prepaid debit card targeted at former substance abusers aims to keep the holder's spending on a very short leash.

The Super Bowl: Pizza's biggest payday of the year

Feb 1, 2013
Domino's Pizza expects to sell over 11 million slices of pizza on Superbowl Sunday. What do stores do to prepare for this? David Lazarus went to a Domino's to take a look.

Fannie, Freddie to let some underwater homeowners walk away

Feb 1, 2013
Mortgage heavyweights Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced a bailout program for struggling homeowners who are current on their payments. If there's a pressing need to leave their property, they can just walk away.

New credit card swipe fees could hit consumers

Feb 1, 2013
Merchants can now pass the credit card processing fees they pay on to consumers.
A woman uses a credit card reader to charge a credit card from a customer for payment at Lorenzo's Italian Market in Miami, Fla. 
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Advice on applying for a re-fi or loan modification

Feb 1, 2013
Straight talk from a banker on what makes an application for a re-fi or a loan modification stand out in the eyes of a bank.

We have a hunch how you’re spending this Super Bowl Sunday — and how you’re spending your dough. And just when you thought there were no more possible credit card fees, a new one is in our midst. Plus, can bailing out underwater homeowners help the housing market recover faster? We ask a banker how you can make your re-fi and loan mod requests stand out. We’ve also got stories on a credit card for former substance abusers and dancing during lunch.

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