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Mayor Bloomberg is "nobody's puppet." But is he a muppet?

Apr 2, 2013
Michael Bloomberg says he can't be bought by special interests, but a cozy relationship with Miss Piggy suggests he may bow to 'festive interests.'

Headline writers turn Lululemon's yoga pants into lemonade

Mar 19, 2013
Lululemon shares were down this morning after the yoga-apparel maker announced yesterday that some of its pants are see-through due to a supplier mistake.

Victory! Marketplace Morning Report learns to fold a fitted sheet

Mar 14, 2013
One of life's little mysteries has been solved: How to fold a fitted sheet. Watch the video and learn for yourself.

A puppy surprise brought to you by Jell-O

Feb 4, 2013
San Francisco will not be getting a Superbowl trophy, but it is the beneficiary of a PR stunt by Jell-O.

The UBS LIBOR emails... in haiku

Dec 20, 2012
Those internal emails of UBS LIBOR rate-rigging do have a certain poetic ring to them...

The latest Internet craze: Porting

Dec 10, 2012
Watch out coning - you aren't the only kid on the Internet block anymore.

The iPad, like my spirit, is completely broken

Nov 29, 2012
For one iPad owner, a void that even Apple's magical gadget could not fill.

For public good, not for profit.

Mansa Musa: The richest person of all time

Oct 15, 2012
Have you ever heard of Mansa Musa? Well he is the richest person who ever lived -- according to -- which adjusted its list for inflation. Mansa Musa ruled over the Malian Empire in West Africa way back in the 14th century.

The economy is like a rollercoaster

Oct 5, 2012
The economy is like a rollercoaster, asserts the Funny or Die "news" team. But who is running this rollercoaster? And why have we been stuck on the screaming on the way down part for such a long time?