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Car shares may double as an extended test drive

Oct 14, 2011
On the fence about what car to buy? New car-sharing services like RelayRides and Zipcar are making it easier for people to rent out automobiles and test drive them.

Why are used cars so expensive?

Sep 23, 2011
We get an update on the state of the used car market from Phil Reed of Edmunds.com. He was -- and still is -- in favor of buying used, but now has a few caveats.

To sell or to trade-in your car?

Apr 29, 2011
Tess Vigeland tags along with Phil Reed of Edmunds.com as he tries to decide whether to sell or trade-in his Nissan Fit.
Phil Reed of Edmunds.com with his Honda Fit.
Josh Rogosin/Marketplace

Money-saving car insurance tips

Apr 22, 2011
Insure.com's Amy Danise discusses why your zip code matters to insurers and how you can get a better insurance rate. Plus, she tells us the least and most expensive cars to insure.