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What to take away from Davos

Jan 31, 2011
Economy 4.0 correspondent David Brancaccio talks with Bob Moon about what came out of the deliberations at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year and whether the economic unrest in Egypt detracted from the conference.

The effects of Davos may not be seen for months

Jan 31, 2011
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland wrapped up this weekend. Some critics of the event say that the forum didn't help the global economy, but others say the effects of the forum may just take longer to surface. Stephen Beard reports.

Weekly Wrap: The World Economic Forum in Davos

Jan 28, 2011
Kai Ryssdal talks to Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine and Reuters blogger Felix Salmon about the week on Wall Street, at Davos, and beyond.

Geithner talks U.S. debt in Davos

Jan 28, 2011
The World Economic Forum continues today in Davos, Switzerland, with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner addressing the attendees. Geithner discussed U.S. debt and resources, as Stephen Beard explains.

Global economy is showing signs of resiliency

Jan 28, 2011
Steve Chiotakis talks to Harvard economist Ken Rogoff about the resiliency of the global recovery in light of currency wars and growing concern over trade.

WindMade products do more than suck air

Jan 27, 2011
The new WindMade eco-label, unveiled by business leaders at the Davos World Economic Forum, introduces a new standard for renewable products.

FCIC reports the financial crisis was 'avoidable'

Jan 27, 2011
In a report being published today, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission concludes that the financial crisis was the result of mismanagement, risk-taking and regulatory failures. Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF, explains.

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Senior bank executive warns against tougher regulation

Jan 27, 2011
As the World Economic Forum gets underway in Davos, Switzerland, a senior executive from Goldman Sachs says that tougher bank regulation could trigger the next financial crisis. Stephen Beard has more.

World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos

Jan 26, 2011
The annual gathering of national, business and financial leaders to discuss pressing economic issues begins today in the Swiss Alpine resort town.

GE Senior Vice President on global economic recovery

Jan 26, 2011
From the Davos economic forum, Beth Comstock, senior vice president of General Electric, talks with Steve Chiotakis about the global economic recovery.