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Shia Levitt

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The challenges of earning more than your man

Apr 6, 2012
Women find themselves faced with heavy choices when they become the family breadwinner.

Tuning into the problem of old TV waste

Jan 15, 2009
Environmentalists worry about a potential waste problem when people throw away their old TVs once they switch to digital. Some feel the manufacturers should take the lead on the issue. Shia Levitt reports.

Eating green saves workplace green

Jan 5, 2009
Having a salad instead of a cheeseburger for lunch is a choice some companies want their employees to make. To promote healthy living and save money, companies are subsidizing the costs of more nutritious meals. Shia Levitt reports.

Mandatory sick days gaining strength

Jan 11, 2008
More than 40% of private-sector workers, most of whom work in service jobs, don't get paid sick leave. Now some federal, state and municipal lawmakers are considering making paid sick days mandatory. Shia Levitt reports.

Are we better gift-givers now?

Dec 25, 2007
Gift cards and online registries are partially to blame for developing a more efficient system of gift-giving. Shia Levitt looks into the value we place on items we buy ourselves versus the way others value them.

The doctor is in . . . sort of

Sep 20, 2007
With a clanky metal body and flat-screen head, doctors are using robotic nurses to remotely monitor their patients and save money. Shia Levitt has the story.

Bedouin women settle into worklife

Jun 7, 2007
Israel's Bedouins have been trying to transition from thousands of years of nomadic life to a more settled existence, a big challenge for a community with 60% unemployment. But women have found surprisingly equal footing, Shia Levitt reports.

Kibbutzim drop socialism to survive

May 15, 2007
About a century after they were first formed on socialist ideals, at least half of Israel's kibbutzim are leaving collective econonomics behind. Shia Levitt reports.

Changing times, changing kibbutzim

Apr 2, 2007
As more and more young people opt to leave Israel's kibbutzim, those remaining have been forced to seek out new types of financial security to ensure they'll be taken care of in old age.

Rabbis keep working on sabbath machines

Feb 9, 2007
For observant Jews on the sabbath, work, electrical devices and machinery are off-limits. But some Israeli rabbis are making machines to keep the faithful inside the letter — and spirit — of religious law. Shia Levitt reports.