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Shia Levitt

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Protests target drug company's patent fight

Jan 29, 2007
AIDS activists took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and New Delhi, India today, protesting an attempt by Novartis to extend the patent protection for a new leukemia drug it makes. Shia Levitt reports.

How safe is Livermore's biosafety lab?

Sep 7, 2006
The government plans to open a new bioterrorism detection lab in Livermore, Calif., and many nearby residents and businesses are worried. Shia Levitt reports.

Google goes academic

Aug 9, 2006
The search engine is expected today to announce a deal with the University of California to digitize parts of its 34-million volume library collection. Shia Levitt has more.

A case of Clean Air

Jul 21, 2006
Shia Levitt reports on a looming Supreme Court showdown between industry and environmentalists over a key provision of the Clean Air Act.

One-second advertising

Jun 14, 2006
Broadcasting giant Clear Channel is considering a new format for radio advertising called blinks. Will one-second ad spots work? Shia Levitt has more.

Hospitals going green

May 17, 2006
Hospitals are increasingly building their facilities with the environment in mind. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because they can save money. Shia Levitt reports.

Japan: economic reforms on track

Oct 14, 2005
Today the Japanese parliament puts a plan in motion to privatize the state-owned postal service, and in the process, create the world's largest private bank. Shia Levitt reports.

Women in the Japanese workplace

Oct 11, 2005
As Japanese officials press for broad reforms in the country's economy, a profound shift is also starting to occur in Japan's tradition-bound corporate culture. From Tokyo, Shia Levitt has more.