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Germans wonder if they should drop the Euro

Feb 9, 2011
The ongoing debt crisis in Europe has many Germans asking why they ever got rid of the Deutschmark.

Germany's challenge: Attracting a skilled labor force

Jan 5, 2011
The country is lacking hundreds of thousands of skilled workers. But factors like having to know German and news of anti-immigrant sentiments in the country make the country less attractive to foreign job applicants.

Where is East Germany, 20 years after reunification?

Dec 30, 2010
The eastern German town of Bitterfeld is no longer one of the worst polluted areas of Europe. The town has cleaned up a lot in the 20 years since reunification, but its long-term economic future is still uncertain. Kyle James reports on what's happened in the past two decades.

Drug giant bids $18b for Genzyme

Aug 30, 2010
French pharmaceutical drug giant Sanofi-Aventis says it wants to buy the U.S. drug company Genzyme for more than $18 billion. The French are turning up the pressure for the deal, after the Americans rejected a smaller offer earlier this summer. Kyle James reports from Berlin.

Germans feel burden of Europe's debt

Jul 1, 2010
German exports have surged this year compared to 2009, business confidence is up, and several think-tanks have raised the country's growth forecasts. So German policymakers and economists are cautiously optimistic. But the little guy isn't feeling as good. Why? Kyle James reports.

Big hurdles to overcome in climate talks

May 31, 2010
Delegates from 185 nations are gathering in Bonn, Germany, for the biggest international talks on climate change since the ill-fated U.N. summit in Copenhagen. Delegates will try to set the groundwork for a binding pact to fight global warming. Kyle James reports.

Greek bailout could hurt Merkel's party

May 7, 2010
Germany's plan to help Greece out of debt came at a bad time for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who went with the bailout to the chagrin of a majority of Germans. Merkel's party may pay for that decision at Sunday's election. Kyle James reports.

Telekom aims for more women on board

Apr 28, 2010
In Germany, women are almost completely absent from boardrooms. Now one company is doing something about it. Kyle James reports.

How Greek debt woes may affect U.S.

Apr 22, 2010
European statisticians say the Greek budget deficit is worse than expected, which sent the euro tumbling. Brett Neely reports on the odds of the Greek tragedy becoming an American one.

Germans to take a rest from shopping

Dec 23, 2009
In Germany, stores are allowed to be open just 10 Sundays a year, which usually includes the Sundays before Christmas. Until now. Kyle James reports.