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Ethan Lindsey

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Best #AskJPM questions

Nov 13, 2013
A Twitter marketing stunt backfires.
Activists march down Wall Street holding a cutout of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, during a protest against budget cuts and bank practices, in New York, May 12, 2011. Now, the FBI is launching a preliminary investigation in the company for possible criminal activity.

Affordable Care Act: a step-by-step guide to the online insurance marketplaces

Oct 1, 2013
Looking for the healthcare marketplace in California, New York or your state? Use our look-up tools to find health insurance resources and financial advice
The application form to apply for Obama's Health Care plan went from 21 pages to 3.

FHA: The next government housing bailout?

Sep 25, 2013
Reuters reports the Federal Housing Administration may need a bailout from the federal government.

Behind the Data: Home ownership by income bracket

Sep 12, 2013
A person's income can reveal whether they tend to own, or rent, their place of residence.