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Emily Jones

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Georgia program offers solar panels to lower-income households

Dec 19, 2023
A Georgia program is seeking to alleviate the financial burden of solar installation to promote green energy.
Solar installer Nicole Lee takes a photo of a house she says is “solar-ready” thanks to its sturdy roof and up-to-date electrical system.
Emily Jones/WABE

The clean energy revolution needs green workers, fast

Oct 9, 2023
If there aren’t people ready to build, install, and maintain the solar panels and electric cars that money is paying for, billions in federal funding dollars could go to waste.
A Qcells employee takes part in hands-on training with Georgia Quick Start. To make the transition to green energy, new workers will need to be trained for specialized manufacturing jobs.
Courtesy Georgia Quick Start.

Citrus industry flowers in Georgia as winters get warmer

Sep 5, 2023
Citrus, a relatively new crop for the state, is taking root thanks to the combined forces of climate change, crop science and disease in Florida.
Jake Price, a scientist at the University of Georgia, walks among citrus trees he’s growing as part of an experiment to find varieties that can withstand cold weather.
Emily Jones/WABE/Grist

There's a boom in building warehouses, but what does that mean for the environment?

Aug 3, 2022
New warehouses can sometimes replace green space, which has climate implications.
On a formerly forested lot, trees have been cut down to make way for development.
Emily Jones/WABE

"Refilleries" give consumers a way to reuse plastic bottles and cut waste

Jun 13, 2022
Businesses are reviving an old model to reduce single-use plastic in an effort to curb plastic pollution and fight climate change.
Samantha Keough browses the plastic-free products at Lite Foot, a mobile refillery that helps customers reuse containers instead of throwing out plastic.
Emily Jones/WABE

A tourism-driven building boom threatens the architecture that makes Savannah a destination

Jul 4, 2018
Like many old cities, Savannah, Georgia stakes a lot on its history. In fact the National Park Service calls Savannah’s downtown one of the largest urban Historic Landmark Districts in the country — a big draw for tourists and residents alike. But a familiar tension between building the future and preserving the past may be putting […]