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Reality gaming meets business team building

Dec 24, 2015
Co-workers have to crack a riddle or solve a problem together.

Trading insurance discounts for health data

Apr 8, 2015
Life insurance company John Hancock will offer discounts for Fitbit customers.

Casinos developers take extra steps to sweeten the pot

Jul 15, 2014
A new casino promises $300 million to Boston, even though it won't be in the city.

Boston's Fenway Park turns 100

Apr 20, 2012
Nowadays, stadiums are put into bad parts of town to make them better. A century ago, the area called the "Fens" was bad -- real bad.

A casino for Foxboro?

Dec 20, 2011
Foxboro, Mass., already has a football stadium and a huge mall. Steve Wynn and Robert Kraft would like to add a casino to the mix, but many residents say enough is enough.

For Facebook and Zuckerberg, location matters

Nov 7, 2011
Facebook has been able to grow over the last few years into a Silicon Valley leader. But Mark Zuckerberg recently said the competition there is fierce, and part of him wishes he had stayed in Boston.

Massachusetts abolishes lifetime alimony in most cases

Sep 30, 2011
The tough economy has forced lawmakers to reform antiquated rules. In Massachusetts, that means cutting out lifetime payments to former spouses.

Newspapers jump on the group-buying bandwagon

May 26, 2011
In a move to bring back local advertisers, daily papers like the Boston Globe have created their own group-buying sites to compete with Groupon and LivingSocial.

The sun sets on Evergreen Solar

Jan 17, 2011
The renewable energy company Evergreen Solar spent millions of dollars building a high tech plant to make solar panels. But after three years, the company is closing its Massachusetts factory.

Mass. carmakers could lift up hood for mechanics

Jul 30, 2010
The Massachusetts legislature could vote on a bill to force carmakers to share repair information with independent mechanics.