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Andie Corban

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Pentagon's weapons buyer on replenishing stockpiles and fortifying supply chains

Dec 6, 2022
"You can't separate" economic and national security, says Undersecretary of Defense William LaPlante.
Kai Ryssdal, left, and Undersecretary of Defense William LaPlante at a contractor's site in California. The disruptions caused by COVID showed that the "just-in-time economy, the minimized inventory — it's not resilient," LaPlante said.
Andie Corban/Marketplace

Baklava bakery owner trades master's program for growing her business

Nov 22, 2022
Rita Magalde, owner of Sheer Ambrosia in Draper, Utah, is starting her busy season and planning to bring on her first full-time employees.
Rita Magalde, center, with her employees Desi Hayda, left, and Hayda's mother, Helene Simpson. This will be their third holiday season working together.
Courtesy Rita Magalde

Despite drought, this Iowa farmer had a record harvest

Nov 8, 2022
April Hemmes was in the "Goldilocks spot" when it came to weather.
"The thing I decided a long time ago, because I'm headed into my 38th year of farming, is I cannot fret about the things I can't control," said April Hemmes.
Ben Hethcoat/Marketplace

How this couple makes up to $4,000 a month dumpster diving

Nov 4, 2022
Erin and Dave Sheffield of Buffalo, New York, met dumpster diving at a local university. Now they've taken their hobby to the next level.
Dave, left, and Erin Sheffield. The Sheffields often find valuable items in trash bins that they can sell or give away.
Courtesy Erin Sheffield

How the pandemic pushed this nonprofit worker to start her own businesses

In addition to her day job, Jennifer Barton of Buffalo now sells mugs and other goods she makes, plus owns a community art studio.
Jennifer Barton at her studio in Buffalo, New York.
Brandon Watson

Why this Buffalo manufacturer is "a little bit excited" about an economic slowdown

The tight job market means it's been years since Matt Gehman has hired new qualified employees at MMG Industrial and Metal Locking Service.
"We cannot hire people and bring them in and plug them in. It’s 100% on-the-job training at our expense," says Matt Gehman, above at his facility in Buffalo, New York.
Brandon Watson

At a historic Buffalo, NY, inn, fair wages mean there's no such thing as a labor shortage

Nov 1, 2022
Joseph Lettieri, co-owner and operator of InnBuffalo off Elmwood, almost sold the hotel in 2020. Now, it's the busiest it's ever been.
InnBuffalo Off Elmwood co-owner Joseph Lettieri said business is the busiest it's ever been.
Courtesy Ellen Carlstrom

Rebooting a multibillion-dollar business after tens of thousands of layoffs

Nov 1, 2022
Jerry and Lou Jacobs, co-CEOs of global hospitality company Delaware North, say inflation is a bigger concern than labor right now.
Jerry, left, and Lou Jacobs are co-CEOs of Buffalo-based company Delaware North. Inflation requires the business to be agile and flexible, Lou Jacobs says.
Brandon Watson

How a pandemic layoff and career pivot made this Buffalonian "the happiest I've ever been"

Nov 1, 2022
A few months into the pandemic, Sam Heansel was laid off from her graphic design job. She's been working at a pet store for two years.
Sam Heansel during her shift at Elmwood Pet Supplies.
Brandon Watson

The mortgage business right now is even slower than 2008

Oct 12, 2022
Los Angeles mortgage broker Vivian Gueler says high rates, high home prices and a weak stock market are stopping people from buying homes.
High mortgage rates, among other factors, have chilled the recently hot real estate market.
Federic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images