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Adriana Cargill

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One amusement park tries the smaller is better approach

Sep 5, 2018
Giant theme parks often compete for visitors with ever bigger attractions and wilder rides. But in California, one amusement company thinks smaller is better. Two Bit Circus is trying to reinvent old-fashioned carnivals by opening a so-called “micro-amusement park.” The 50,000 square foot park can fit up to 700 visitors. It’s a gamble in a […]
This "robotic bartender" is one of the several attractions at Two Bit Circus, a place that's trying to reinvent the feel of old-fashioned carnivals ... but with a touch of the digital age.
Adriana Cargill/Marketplace

Can Chicago’s recent plague of violence be cured?

Sep 16, 2016
A look at the cities’ rise in violence as a symptom of economic inequality.
A young victim of Chicago's gun violence is laid to rest.