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Photographer launches education platform, says she’s grown personally and professionally

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Liz Hansen is off to the right, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. She is holding a photographer's camera, which is pointed straight across at a woman with sandy blonde hair, wearing a black dress, blowing rose petals out of her clasped hands. They are in a white room with dark wood floors, a lighter rug, and gray double doors.

Boudoir photographer Liz Hansen during a shoot. "We have lots of women who want to come in and have an empowering experience at the studio," she says. Courtesy Hansen

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Starting a business was one of the hardest things Liz Hansen has ever done. Almost as hard as having a baby — almost.

“Having a baby is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Hansen said. “Having a business [is the] second-hardest thing I’ve ever done. The third-hardest thing I’ve ever done is try to grow that business.”

The last year has been fruitful for Hansen. In early 2022, she had just opened her boudoir photography studio in Evanston, Illinois. Since then, the business has become so busy, she’s expanded her team. She hired a photo retoucher and an album designer. Even her husband has joined the team full time.

However, Hansen’s newest addition to the business is an educational platform, teaching photographers about marketing techniques and branding. She said she was hearing stories from photographers about how hard it is to find business — especially with high inflation. 

“Listen, if you’re an artist and you’re not making any money, it’s very hard to keep creating your art,” Hansen said. “Trying to understand, to help them understand that investing in my coaching program would be a great idea and that I can help them get their sales up — that’s hard for them to get their mind around during this inflationary period.”

Hansen’s growing business has forced her to grow in her personal life as well. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot personally, professionally, in all the ways,” she said. “It has stretched me and changed me in all the good ways, and also in all the really hard ways.”

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