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For this pandemic couple, opening a plant shop together was the answer to burnout

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Larry Groves (left) and Ricky Barosa in their plant shop, the Growing Groves, in Davis, California.

Larry Groves, left, and Ricky Barosa in their Davis, California, plant shop, known as the Growing Groves. "I kind of just told him, how about we try to do it for ourselves?" Barosa recalled. Ashley Villanueva/Lusting for Light Photography

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The idea to start a plant shop was 100% Ricky Barosa’s idea, even though he’s not the plant expert in the relationship.

Barosa’s partner, Larry Groves (who is a plant expert), had just left his job at another plant shop. “As his partner, I would just see him come home and just be very burned out,” Barosa said. “And when he finally decided to leave his old job, I kind of just told him, how about we try to do it for ourselves?”

Several months later, the couple opened the Growing Groves in Davis, California. And so far, it’s working out.

“We are very much a pandemic couple. Like, right when the pandemic started is when we started seeing each other,” Groves said. “We’re very much as opposite as you can possibly get. I am the person who figures out the problem, and then he’s the person who breaks it down and comes up with the resolution, and then we both tackle it.”

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