The home healthcare industry has a shortage of workers.
The home healthcare industry has a shortage of workers. - 

A recent article in The Washington Post details the severe lack of home health aides across the country. What's driving the decline? Low wages combined with long hours and an emotionally taxing job that few people are willing to do. 

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that an additional 1.1 million workers of this kind will be needed by 2024 — a 26 percent increase over 2014," the article reads.

The problem? It's mostly women between the ages of  25 and 64 who work as health aides, and this population isn't growing fast enough to keep up with the demand for caregivers. 

So this week on Marketplace Weekend, we look into the home health care industry. As Baby Boomers age and demand for home care rises, will demand outstrip supply? What impact will this have on people left doing the job? And on the flip side, what's it like to search for a home health aide as the industry begins to shrink?

If you are dealing with issues in the home health care industry — whether you are a provider or someone in need of help — we want to hear about your experiences.

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