Dr. Prospero Gogo donning his protective gear.
Dr. Prospero Gogo donning his protective gear. - 
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As part of our Pro Tool series, we're looking for that must-have device in your line of work, be it a pair of scissorsnotebook, or corkscrew.

The next item in our series? Protective gear.

Professional: Dr. Prospero Gogo, Jr. — interventional cardiologist. 

Pro Tool: Leaded safety garments and glasses. 

Why it's a Pro Tool: "Interventional cardiologists work in an X-ray suite. The total amount of X-ray radiation that a patient gets per one procedure isn't really that much, but if you spend a career — 30, 40 years, every day — in the X-ray lab, you do have some risks that will be incurred. These garments are designed to protect us from the worst of the chronic and constant use of radiation."

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