As part of our series Pro Tool, we're looking for that must-have device in your line of work, be it a pair of shoescorkscrew, or microphone

The first item in our series? A pair of scissors.

Professional: Lauren Popper, hairdresser at La Maison Salan & Spa in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Pro Tool: A pair of 1977 Nic shears, made in Japan.

Why it's a Pro Tool: "You will see the difference, you will hear the difference in a haircut because [cheaper shears] will clank. You won't have a clean line. I see a total difference in how my haircuts look and how they grow out."

Cost in 1977: $175.

Cost todayUp to $1,000.

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Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio gets a haircut from Lauren Popper, hairdresser at La Maison Salan & Spa in Short Hills, New Jersey. - 


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