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GDP in Portlandia

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9 percent

In 2013, about 15 percent of graduating high school seniors were black, but only 9 percent took some kind of AP exam. That same year, low-income students made up 48 percent of the graduating class, but only 28 percent of AP test takers. Enrollment in AP classes, or lack thereof, is said to be a large contributor to these numbers. A new $100 million initiative announced Tuesday aims to positively influence participation.

22.8 percent

That’s how much Portland’s GDP has grown since 2008, far outpacing similarly sized eastern cities. Bloomberg reports a lot of commerce is heading west, with jobs, wages, home prices and the number of young people all on the rise.

5.7 million square feet

Speaking of the West Coast: that’s how much office space Google, Linkedin and others proposed for Mountain View, California earlier this year, more than double the development the city had planned for the next 20 years. Silicon Valley is headed for a space crunch, the Wall Street Journal reported, with tech companies expanding far faster than city planners anticipated, and public infrastructure strained.


That’s the price for the new Fritos taco at Taco Bell, one of several new items the Mexican fast-food chain is experimenting with, Quartz reported. Along with several Fritos tacos, the company is launching new breakfast tacos and other dishes to try and replicate the goofy, viral success of the Doritos Locos Taco.


That’s the year by which Tyson promises it will end its use of human antibiotics. As reported by the NY Times, the announcement is considered the final step for the company toward goals it has articulated for some time.

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